Who Are The “BigBoss”

This is not about the BigBoss in your office.

This is about the BigBosses of your life.
Your dad, your mom;
Your husband, your wife;
Your son, your daughter;
Your Families, Your friends.
The ones around you;
The ones you love;
The ones you cannot afford to lose.

Who Can Receive Your Request For Help


  • A maximum of 5 person can be added into MyFamily list.
  • Members in MyFamily list will be the priority to receive your SOS alert.
  • Users who added you in MyFamily list will appear in your MyHonor list automatically.
  • With their permission, you can trace the user’s real-time or last-known location using the “Override” function.


  • A Maximum of 20 person can be added into MyFriend list.
  • Members in MyFriend list will receive your SOS alert only if you enabled it in the Alert Setting.
  • Members in MyFriend list has no permission to monitor or override another user.

Power of Community

  • We believe in the Power of Community.
  • If Power of Community is enabled in Alert Setting, users within 2KM around you will receive your SOS alert.
  • At the same time, you will be able to receive notification that request for help if the user is within 2KM around you.
  • Personal appearance and vehicle information will be shared to ease the process of identifying the victim.
  • Sensitive information (e.g. home address) will be hidden.

“Bigboss” In A Nutshell

BigBoss application is powered by Gamma Solution Sdn. Bhd., in an effort to create a safe community, to fight against crime of theft, kidnapping and to report cases to the acquaintances and community in order for them to act and response to the call of the in need. The main features include calling for emergency numbers with ease, finding the nearest route to police station and hospitals with a click, activating help to the person in need, and most importantly making the community a safer place to live in.


“We connect the heroes with the ones in need”