Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is BigBoss Free?

Yes. BigBoss is totally free to download without hidden charges.

2. What are the minimum requirements and procedures for BigBoss to run?
  • Smart Phone with either Android (V7.0.x and above) or iOS (10.3.x and above) with 3G/4G data service.
  • Install and register BigBoss account with your mobile number and valid email.
  • Make sure the GPS location for BigBoss Always On.
  • Invite your families and friends to install BigBoss by clicking “share BigBoss”.
  • Add your families and friends into MyFamily & MyFriend list. Try to trigger it few times with your families and familiarize yourself with its functions.

Yes, you are now a BigBoss user.

3. Can I login to multiple mobile phone with same account?

To ensure the security and privacy of every user, a BigBoss account only allow login to one (1) mobile phone.

4. What should I do if I lost my phone?

You can contact BigBoss administrator at to freeze your account temporarily until you have retrieve your phone or login to BigBoss with another mobile phone.

5. Will BigBoss consume my phone battery greatly?

A big part of battery consumption is due to location access. You can reduce the battery usage by setting location update frequency in Setting > Alert Setting > Update GPS Location Frequency (1min to 30min)

6. How can I send feedback or suggestion concerning BigBoss?

You can submit your feedback through BigBoss app at Setting > Feedback. We welcome any suggestion to make BigBoss a truly Security & Community Apps that will make our society a safer, peaceful and better living environment for everybody.

7. Will BigBoss still work if I travel outstation?

Yes, BigBoss will work wherever there are with GPS signal and data or Wi-Fi connection.

*BigBoss may not work in country where Google Map is not available.

8. Why doesn’t BigBoss interface fully fit on my phone screen?

The maximum screen size for BigBoss to fully fit in is 7 inches.

9. What happen if I forgot my Bigboss user login password?

Just logout from Bigboss (if you haven’t logout) and press the “Forgot Password” in the Login screen, type in your email ID and you will receive a password reset email. Just follow the instruction in the email to reset your password.

10. Will my last seen location keep on updated if I terminated BigBoss app?

Yes, a wake up GPS notification will prompt on your phone to remind you update your location, this is to ensure your MyFamily members still able to retrieve your last seen location within a reasonable time frame.

11. How do I use the "Check In" feature?

Check in is a feature that enables user to manually update their current location. This feature is to ensure that the family and friends aware of the user’s current location. To use this feature, just click on “Check In” button and your location will be updated. Your MyFamily contacts will be notified of your check-ins activity.

12. How do I use the SOS contact?

You can insert the default emergency line or enter a specific contact number for Police/Ambulance/Fire Brigade/or any one of custom emergency contact based on your preference. Once you have provided the emergency contact numbers, click save to update.

13. What is the function of the panic list button?

The panic list button is situated at the top right corner of the SOS button. The panic list will show the person who are currently in emergency situation / sent you a panic alert (SOS trigger).

14. Most Common Troubleshooting Steps

Check whether your Wi-Fi connection is turned on. If there is no Wi-Fi nearby, turn on your mobile data. Also check for the following:

• Check permissions to BigBoss to have access to your GPS location in your phone settings.
• Check whether you have logged out from the BigBoss. If yes, please Log in to enjoy our service.
• Check your MyFamily list. Add at least one contact to your family list.
• Check if the Airplane mode is on. If it is on, turn it off.
• Check whether your ID is logged into other devices.

15. Tips for users

To ensure that you receive all alert notification and your GPS location is always up-to-date, make sure that you have checked/toggle as follows;


Go to SettingsBigBoss.

  • Location – Allow Location Access – Always or While Using the App
  • Toggle on for Contacts,
  • Toggle on for Camera,
  • Toggle on for Background App Refresh, and
  • Toggle on for Mobile Data.



Xiaomi Phone

Go to SettingsNotifications & Status BarApp NotificationsBigBoss

  • Toggle on for show notifications,
  • Toggle on for App icon badge.


  • Toggle on for show notifications,
  • Toggle on found sounds

Huawei Phone

Go to SettingsApps & notificationsBigBossNotifications

  • Toggle on for Allow notifications


  • Toggle on for Allow notifications
  • Toggle on for Ringtone


1.After SOS panic alert is triggered, how do I know if it has been delivered?

You can check how many BigBoss users have received (received notification) and acknowledged (opened notification) your SOS alert from the triggered screen. You can continue to send text or audio message to the group of recipients until they reach you.

2. What if I accidentally trigger the SOS panic alert?

The possibility to accidentally trigger the SOS panic alert is very small as user must press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds to trigger the SOS panic alert.

If it does happen you can cancel the request by entering the deactivation pin.

3. Besides the 5 contacts in MyFamily list, how many users can I add into MyFriend list?

A maximum of 20 BigBoss users can be added into MyFriend list.

4. What is Fake Pin used for?

Fake Pin appears to be a pin to deactivate (being forced by someone) but in fact it sends out a higher SOS alert notification.

5. In case I received SOS alert from strangers (Power of Community), how can I help him or her?

You can click on the user profile to check profile picture, height, & weight, hair color, car model and number from SOS recipient screen. With the help of GPS location, you can locate the user easily.

6. How can I report a false case if I received a fake SOS panic alert from community?

On the live map screen after you acknowledged the notification, click on the user info (…) and select report and submit with your case description.

7. Will BigBoss take action against irresponsible users that abuse SOS alert to Power of Community?

Yes, and the “Power of Community” function of the user will be freeze for 3 months upon 3 complaints reported from public. We will aggravate the punishment to 6 months and 1 year if the abuse continues.

8. What if I forgot my deactivate pin and fake pin when SOS alert is active?

You may contact us in Setting > Feedback, within 24 hours our team will reset your pin and you can key in new pin once you open BigBoss again.

9. Can I change my deactivation and fake pin?

You may contact us in Setting > Feedback, within 24 hours our team will reset your pin and you can key in new pin once you open BigBoss again.

10. Why should I turn ON the Power of Community?

There could be occasion that your family and friends cannot help you in time due to physical distance. Users of BigBoss near you can offer their helps in shortest possible time with Power of Community.


1. Who can receive my request for monitor?

Only users in your MyFamily list will receive your request for monitor. They can keep an eye on your route, for example on a cab.

2. Will my recipient know the actual destination I am going?

Your destination will be displayed on recipients’ live map screen. You may send text or audio message to your recipient if you wish to elaborate more detail on your travel destination.

3. What will happen if I received more than 1 monitor request concurrently from MyFamily members?

The monitoring request will prompt at your phone screen according to the sequence of monitor request send out by user. Anyway, you can switch to monitor different users in Monitor List.

4. What if someone keeps appearing on my Monitor List?

It means user on your MyHonour List requested for monitor and yet to deactivate his/her monitor request.

5. What should I do if the situation getting worse after I sent Request Monitor to my Family?

You can text your families under Monitor screen for help or press “SOS” button to trigger SOS Alert.


1. Who will receive auto SOS panic alert when my countdown time is up?

Five (5) BigBoss users in your MyFamily list will receive the auto SOS panic alert if your countdown timer ends.

2. What happen if a user activated the countdown timer but forgot to deactivate after arrived.

BigBoss will still send SOS alert automatically. To reduce false alarm, BigBoss will notify user with a reminder at the last 5, 3 and 1 minute before the timer ends.


1. What does the time next to each user in Override List means?

This is the time of last known location of correspond user.

2. Who are allowed to override the BigBoss user?

ONLY Members in MyFamily list are given permission to override the users by default. Users can disable the override permission for a specific MyFamily member in Setting > MyFamily

3. Will user know I am overriding them through BigBoss?

Yes. There won’t be any notification when they are being override by their MyFamily members due to safety concern. However, BigBoss user can check the override record from Setting > Event History

4. Why was the last known location of user in Override List outdated?

This might happen if the location and data services does not work on user’s mobile phone. The display time and location will be the last update status before the services stop working.

*Also depends on phone type, OS and GPS setting of the user’s phone.